In the Spotlight with Ted Ngakion & Rahat Saini

Teddy Ngkaion & Rahat Saini

Shoutout to Teddy Ngkaion & Rahat Saini!

Both these actors have impressed us in FILM LAB with their talent, commitment, & work ethic throughout the new year. When we met these two, freshly graduated from the UVic Phoenix Theatre, they were new to the industry but eager to learn & grow together!

Since joining us in Film Lab, Teddy & Rahat have both found representation with Red Management & Lucas Talent, respectively, and have great things on the horizon!

Teddy shares that the biggest thing Film Lab has taught him is “To be brave. When I was a kid, I wanted to act because it allowed me to be anyone other than myself. But as I’ve gotten older, I’m realizing more and more that acting is finding the parts of yourself in every character.”

You can catch Teddy onstage in July with “Correspondence”, a community-based & devised theatre project about FIlipino migration to Canada.

Rahat says “Film Lab has taught me: you gotta let go of being “good” and choose to be curious. Being curious means being open – to falling, to soaring, to magic.”

Rahat has recently wrapped an upcoming Movie of the Week for Hallmark & an International Febreeze commercial! Tune in for Season 2 of her podcast “Ok Fine, I’ll Watch It!” available now.

In their spare time, Teddy & Rahat are campaigning hard to make Masa Japanese West Broadway the unofficial after-class hangout of Kot Creative Studios! 

Congrats to you both on the great work, the good things yet to come & our journey together!!