Brittany Palmer: Back for Good!

Brittany Palmer

As our focus shifts to a New Year, actor and Company Class member Brittany Palmer is In The Spotlight, particularly because her story is one of perseverance, passion, and belief.

I first met Brittany Palmer in the midst of the chaos that was 2020. She was attending one of my online Zoom classes, and I quickly got to know her as a performer with a unique voice, admirable work ethic, and positive energy.

Brittany told me that she’d always acted throughout childhood & into high school, but that she’d left the industry for over 15 years, and had taken that time to found & build her business, Key to Scholarships while becoming a sought after public speaker.

Then 2020 happened & an open commercial call caught Brittany’s eye, which opened the door for her to gain representation. After that, Brittany threw herself into study & rediscovered her love of acting during lockdowns all-the-while making virtual friends, breaking down scripts & exploring her own artistry.

Since we started working together in the Fall of 2020, Brittany’s had acting jobs on 15 Film & Television projects including 8 Television Shows, 6 Commercials, & one Voice Over. In her first year back, Brittany booked a role for every year she was away from the industry!! Truly remarkable.

Brittany Palmer - Superman Season Finale
Superman & Lois Season Finale

You can catch Brittany in 3 episodes of Superman & Lois (including the season finale), Zoey’s Extraordinary Christmas, Riverdale, The Flash, My Valentine, and Highway to Heaven, including upcoming roles on Netflix & Syfy.

What Brittany’s story teaches us is that it’s never too late to invest time, energy, and passion into those activities that spark your joy & curiosity.

Brittany Palmer is a valued member of our Company Class and we celebrate both her work & success at the end of 2021! Can’t wait to see what she’s up to in the New Year. Well done, Brittany!