Taylor Russell
Working with James has helped me in my craft in so many ways. James is an insightful, enthusiastic, positive coach and a really great support to help strengthen any actor that wants to take their career to the next level.
TAYLOR RUSSELL (Bones & All, Netflix's Lost in Space, Escape Room for Sony)
Carlos Diehz
James coaching has helped me to improve my acting skills exponentially. His input & direction on the most subtle nuances of my performance have allowed me to grow as an actor to the point of landing a major role opposite amazing actors such as Ralph Fiennes & John Lithgow.
Kyra Leroux
James is an inspiring mentor and collaborator whose guidance has been instrumental in my acting journey. At Kot Creative Studios, James has created a magical, safe space for artists to thrive. His classes are a support network free of judgement, where I’m encouraged to be myself, feel it all, and explore each scene from a place of joy and abundance. James welcomes creative impulses, and helps me to specify and hone them. He is a true community builder who empowers actors by giving them the space and guidance to reach their full potential.
KYRA LEROUX (CW's Riverdale & Firefly Lane, NETFLIX)
[James Kot's] Film Lab has taught me: you gotta let go of being "good" and choose to be curious. Being curious means being open - to falling, to soaring, to magic.
RAHAT SAINI (Under The Bridge, Match Me, Please)
Dane Schioler
James, and the Company Class, have been instrumental in shaping me as an actor. We focus on letting go of results, and instead focus on the moment in front of you. We show up with the willingness to get creative and take risks. Each class I am reminded why I love to act.
Dane Schioler (CW's Nancy Drew, Prom Pact for Disney+, and VC Andrews' Dawn Cutler Series)
Chelsea Reist
After my coaching session with James I booked the LEAD female role on the feature film, “The Last Crop.” Our session enabled me to feel amplified in my abilities; I left the coaching with a strengthened sense of confidence.
Andres Soto
As a coach, he's empathetic and strikes a great balance between guiding you towards a deeper sense of craft and keeping it fun when needed. In his room, I've never felt pushed to work, but rather inspired to do so.
ANDRES SOTO (Yellowjackets for Showtime, CW's Riverdale, & Man in the High Castle for Amazon)
Mike Meener
James helped me develop a preparation process that dramatically improved my audition performance and confidence on the mark. His coaching has helped increase bookings and expand the types of roles I book.
MICHAEL MEENER (ABC's Big Sky, CW's Supernatural)
Tyler Cotton
I recommend James' class to anyone wanting to work on their craft and make “good” acting great! He pushes his fellow actors to continue growing and to dive deeper and deeper into a scene. Take this class!
TYLER COTTON (Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)
Tarun Keram
If you are new to the acting game or have been at it for a while, I promise you will learn something valuable. I can proudly say my work is more focused and fleshed out. Take his class! Thanks James!
TARUN KERAN (The Stand, Amazon Studios)