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Our curriculum will lead you through a series of acting classes developed to offer specialized tools for the actor that promote a state of play & authenticity, enabling the performer to maximize their success in our highly competitive industry.

Film Lab

With James Kot

Dates: March 26th to May 14th | 7-11pm | 8 Classes

Dates: March 27th to May 15th | 7-11pm | 8 Classes

A deeper investigation into the process of Acting with in-depth text analysis, scene study, character development, backstory, and emotional truth.

Current scripts & sides develop proficiency & technical prowess through industry relevant material. Audition tactics, on-set strategies, and career mentorship highlight a well-rounded program designed for a career in Film & Television.

Tuition: $570 + GST

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Payment plans available upon request.

Company Class

With James Kot

Dates: March 17th to May 5th | 7-11pm | 7 Classes

Our Company Class uses feature length films & plays as its core. Partnered work and challenging texts encourage our actors to take on new & exciting roles that push limits & abilities to the next level, while enhancing on-set capability & character development tools.

On-going creative mentorship emphasizes an actor’s practice for the body, mind, voice, & belief as necessary work for depth of performance.

Tuition: $485 + GST

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Payment plans available upon request.

No class Easter Sunday, March 31st.

Audition Lab

With Amitai Marmorstein & Andrés Soto

Dates: April 14th to May 26th | 10am-1pm | 6 Classes

Work with Two Special Guests from the Film & Television Industry Andrés Soto & Amitai Marmorstein!

Enrich the dynamic quality of your performances, develop bolder characters, better storylines, and ultimately, increase the bookability of your auditions!

This Lab style course designed in collaboration with Creative Director, James Kot, will focus, hone, and refine your on-camera technique, while offering new strategies & viewpoints for creating transformative work in a short amount of time.

Take your Auditions to the Lab!

Capacity: 10 Actors

Tuition: $435 + GST

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Payment plans available upon request.

No class May 19th - long weekend.

Andrés Soto & Amitai Marmorstein

American Accents for Hollywood North

With Guest Coach Adam Henderson

Dates: April 21, 28, & May 5th | 1:30-4pm | 3 Classes

Learn the American accent! Expand your cast-ability.

Dialect Expert, Adam Henderson teaches you how to integrate the industry standard American accent into an authentic voice.

You'll develop Standard American as well as regional accents like East Coast City accents, and Mid-Western Rural speech, and increase your ability to bring these shades into your auditions & work.

Along the way, we’ll explore subtle details of your specific accent, provide exercises for "accent reduction", define American speech as a collection of physical habits, and learn to decode each script to uncover a unique voice for every role.

Discover why Adam is one of the most sought after dialect coaches!

*Note: this is not an on-camera class

Tuition: $265 + GST

A $100 deposit is required to reserve your spot.
Payment plans available upon request.

Vancouver Acting Coach - Adam Henderson - Kot Creative Studios

Adam Henderson

Accent + Scene Study

Directed by James Kot & Guest Adam Henderson

Dates: TBA

Learn and conquer unique accents with Dialect Expert, Adam Henderson before incorporating them into challenging scene work directed by Acting Coach, James Kot.

This course is designed to increase the actor's ability to develop character by acquiring and integrating accent & behaviour. Uncover the character's subtext, hidden agendas, vocal placement, and accent - all of which are encoded in the script. This method provides a practical, physical, unselfconscious approach to acting with an accent.

Award winning plays will serve as our material.

Vancouver Acting Coach - James Kot - Kot Creative Studios

Coach James Kot

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